Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We started off our day by going down to the cafe adjacent to our hotel for breakfast at around 8:00 am. After breakfast we left the hotel at 8:45 am to take a 10-15 min walk to the Model UN conference building. When we arrived at the building we dropped off our three ICJ (International Court of Justice)members, Jamie, Alexa, and Cameron, so they coud spend their day in a meeting, while the rest of us would spend the day touring. We did not have our tour until 11:00 am so we spent our hour and a half at a coffee shop in the building, and relaxing by a huge fountain outside. At 11:00 Bullis and a school from France went on a tour of Genova for 2 hours. The tour was led by students from an Italian school, who showed us numerous sites such as a Gothic church, and Colombus's father's house, where Columbus grew up and would often work. After the tour we checked into the conference and received our Model UN bags; then sat around in the coffee shop for another 2 hours before heading off to the Aquarium. At the aquarium we had lots of fun seeing numerous types of fish and other sea creatures such as dolphins, sharks, sea otters, jellyfish, etc. After the Aquarium the 9 of us and Mr. Green stopped to get gelato before heading back to the conference building. At this time it was about 4:30 pm, and the ICJ kids were still not finished, so the 9 of us had a choice between going back to the hotel, and waiting 'til 7:10 to eat, or killing a little over an hour by going on a tour of a tower and a prison, and then picking up the ICJ kids. Five of us and Mrs. Vardi went on the tour, the other 4 and Mr. Green went back to the hotel. The ICJ members were invited to a dinner at 7:30 so at 7:10 we all walked back to the conference building and dropped them off, while the rest of us searched for a place to eat. We ended up at a pizzeria that had delicious food; out of the 11 of us 2 people got soup, 3 got pasta, 4 got pizzas, and Kendall and Adam got the hugest calzones, the size of their plates, which they could barely finish. After dinner we walked back to the conference building to pick up the ICJ members and we all walked back to the hotel together to get some rest for tomorrow. Ian Giles

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