Friday, February 24, 2012

The Last Supper (As a Group) 2/24/2012

After a tiring day of fruitful debate and diplomacy, we returned to our beloved Hotel Continental. We quickly dressed and met in the hotel lobby by 7:00 pm. Seeing how our dinner reservation was booked for 8:15 pm, Ms. Vardi and Mr. Green delivered the enthralling news to us that we were able to explore and shop in the sensational city of Genoa until 8:00 pm, meeting by our favorite "gelateria", Grom. After wandering through the winding Genovese streets and stores such as H&M, Foot Locker, Zara, and United Colors of Benetton, we finally migrated back to our esteemed ice cream shop just off of Via San Vincenzo where we received a warm welcome from our new friends from the GeMUN conference. After a quick ten minute chat, the group finally set out for dinner at Le Mani in Pasta. The restaurant, tightly yet comfortably fitted in a small nook on Via del Molo, embodied classic Italian culture and hospitality through its multi-faceted cuisine. After several plates of salami, proscuitto, local cheese, and fresh bread, we commenced our dinner. The group had a variety of meals including fresh swordfish and pasta, steak with walnut sauce, and seafood ravioli. Filled up to the brim with Italian sustenance, we proceeded back to Grom for a candied touch to the end of our day. After our usual walk down Via Garibaldi and finally onto Via all'Arsenale di Terra, we arrived at our hotel, fatigued yet satisfied from another amazing day in Genoa. Seemingly, gelato was not an effective method to keep our taste buds at bay. As a result, Ms. Vardi, Mr. Green and a few other group members and I progressed to a nearby restaurant to savor a bit more of the Italian culture through a quick break for tiramisu, tea, and coffee. Clearly, the dessert did not disappoint, seen on the spotless plates and minuscule espresso cups. By 11:00 pm, everyone within the antiquated tea room of the Hotel Savoia knew that yet again, another astounding and awe-inspiring day in Genoa was finally at a close. By: Kourosh Kalachi

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  1. Kourosh, this was quite the descriptive post. Sounds like you ate very well tonight!