Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a night!

After the win by our ICJ delegates and a surprise debate given by the General Assembly of the Model U.N conference, we took the moment to say our last goodbyes at the disco party at the end of the night. Dancing around to music from all over the world along with people from all over the world had to have been the highlight of the night. As well as thrilling and fun, these moments were also sad because we knew these moments were going to be our good-byes from the many interesting and experienced debaters we had been with for the past couple of days. After the disco party, and saying our final good byes, the Bullis Model UN Club took a last walk to the gelato ice cream store where we ate with our newly made friends and shared emails and Facebook names for the last moment. Then we took the final walk down the long streets of Italy which would be our last. This trip was a culture shock to most of us as it represented a new look out at life creating new ideas, friends and relationships with the people that one would never think would even happen. I myself as well as my classmates will miss Italy and the many friends made there. - Idrienne

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