Sunday, February 19, 2012

La Vita Notturna

-nazionale shopping -siesta -pizza at il leoncino - gelotto at giolitti - walk back home After leaving the Altare della Patria (Wedding Cake building), some of us headed back to the to the hotel for a pennichella, or the Italian equivalent of a siesta, while the rest us walked along via nazionale for a bit of shopping. The street was full of food items, and Italian fashion, three years ahead of the US schedule! We finally went out for a delicious pizza and bruschetta dinner at the infamous Il Leoncino. The prosciutto was amazing on the thin crust "real" Roman pizza. We walked off the pizza for a few more blocks, until we got to another infamous Roman eatery, Giolitti, where we had gelato. The gelato was to die for, with flavours soaring far above 20. But of course you have to top a fine day of walking and eating with a shot of espresso at the hotel coffee bar. So far it's been a remarkable day and trip. Arrivederci, Cameron Buck

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  1. Yum, Gelato! When I was in Vienna two summers ago, I had Gelato 3x a day. Have one for me, please! Looks like you are having a wonderful adventure so far.