Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the deliberating begin!

The moment that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The first day of the Genoa Model UN Conference has all of our delegates eager to deliberate and discuss their ideas to resolve issues within their committees. Our first committee session began at 9:00 a.m with locations scattered all throughout the beautiful city of Genoa. The experiences within each committee seem to be different seeing that there are a wide range of problems to resolve. I am representing the Kingdom of Morocco in the Mediterranean Conference and we discussed post civil war reconstruction in Libya. Majority of our first session was spent lobbying and trying to create resolutions for the next two days. My favorite part of the committee session was meeting a wide range of new people. I worked with students from Kuwait, Italy, France, Germany, and Egypt to try to answer the question of stability in northern Africa. Another interesting part of my day was being transported as witness for the Uganda vs. Democratic Republic of Congo case in which Jamie and Alexa handled. I represented a war analyst and ex-Rwandan soldier living in Uganda which was a great learning experience. After the first committee session ended we had time to spare and went to lunch with our new friends. Then we went to the opening ceremony which was exciting. Our very own delegates, Lauren and Adam, representing Morocco and Costa Rica respectively, gave amazing speeches that reflected the views of our countries and represented the Bullis School well. To end our day, we went to a gelato shop, which was a perfect ending. - Tyler

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  1. Stability in Africa? and with what's going on in Senegal? It must be amazing to be in such an international "thick of things" The pictures are great! I have heard that some travelers setting a goal of having gelato 3 times a day with a different flavor each time.
    Ms. Conrad