Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday in Transit

The morning greeted us with the hiss of the cappuccino machine and the clinking of plates. Our group made their way to the breakfast room of the Hotel Lirico where we enjoyed strong Italian coffee, juice, fresh bread, morning pastries, prosciutto, cheese and yogurt. We gathered our luggage, bid farewell to this wonderful gem of a hotel, and made our way down the long flight of red-carpeted stairs to the private bus that would take us to Genoa. The six-hour ride took us through the hills of Tuscany, along the Tyrrhenian coast, past the Cinque Terre and into (literally - lots of tunnels) the Apennines. Our lunch stop was in Pisa, famed for the Leaning Tower but remembered more for the magnificent Duomo in Piazza dei Miracoli. We enjoyed pizza and foccacia stuffed with fresh pomodoros and pesto. Truly delicious! We arrived in Genoa, the capital of the Italian Riveria, to a sun-filled sky with a whirling wind off of the Ligurian Sea. Tomorrow we will explore the city, register for the conference, and participate in some MUN training. And of course, continue to enjoy the hospitality and cuisine of Italy! Arrivederci! Ms. Vardi

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