Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Day of the GEMUN Conference

Our day began at 8:30 when the International Court of Justice was called to order. Alexa and I are advocates for Uganda in a case against the Democratic Republic of Congo. I read a 10 minute opening speech, which presented the general information of the case. Alexa and I presented evidence and cross-examined witnesses. We greatly appreciated the help of Tyler and Kourosh, who acted as our witnesses. The advocates from the DRC and Alexa and I cross-examined them asking questions pertaining to our case. Following our questions judges from the court, which included Cameron, asked the witnesses questions. The majority of our case was completed today, but the final verdict will be delivered tomorrow morning. We attended the opening ceremonies, which was an interesting event. Delegates, ambassadors, and heads of different committees gave speeches about model U.N. and the upcoming events in the conference. The opening ceremonies also included songs and dance, which was nothing like I have ever experienced at previous conferences. At night we attended a pizza and karaoke party, and had gelato for dessert. We look forward to the next two days of the conference. - Jamie Smith

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