Monday, February 20, 2012

We began our adventurous day with visiting the Vatican City Museum. We marveled at the grand, immensely detailed, and extremely defined marble sculptures of various famous people. We also saw the enormous baths that royal people would use. The Ancient Romans loved to make everything luxurious and grand, from the huge memorials and statues to the floors and ceilings. In the floors they had mosaics of different scenes according to the room that the mosaic was in. The walls would have pictures framed with gold or bronze and various marble.The ceiling would be painted in great detail with famous scenes from the Bible or would have some sort of reference to the Bible. We walked through a hallway which had different parts of Italy painted to scale and if you put the painting together it would make up Italy. After walking through some exhibits of modern art we came upon the Sistine Chapel. Imagine the most beautiful painting you have ever seen... Now Imagine it 15 times grander.. That is the beauty of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. It was so beautiful it could bring tears to one's eyes. I have never seen scenes from the Bible painted so detailed, in depth, and defined. The figures looked as if they were about to jump up at you. Michelangelo was an amazing artist, and the Sistine Chapel is one of the beautiful things I have ever seen. -Ashlyn Coleman

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